Melbourne Pizza

Melbourne Pizza

When you're in Melbourne and looking for some pizza, I have the best place for you. People love a pizza menu that has lots a different varieties and some things that I've never really thought about. I've been personally trying to come up with new recipes and have been making pizza at home but I cannot match the flavor and texture that they make here at the Downtown Pizza shop. It's a good idea to check the specials menu because they have deals each day, and it might coincide when you're looking to eat. Mondays for lunch is a good time to get one of those big huge's pizza slices like and a side salad, plus a soft drink all for five dollars.

Everybody likes a deal don't they, and on Tuesday they offer two medium cheese pizzas for fifteen dollars and that is a great deal for excellent quality take-out pizza. Specials offered are changing all the time which is nice for trying new Italian eating things. We like to get takeout because we can be at the beach and about three minutes by the car. There's a nice parking lot at the far end of the Melbourne Causeway Bridge which is wonderful for eating your slices. The area is excellent so you need to come down here anyway to check out some of the other restaurants like Meg O'malley's and the french cafe.

I just a have to get a big pizza at least once a week, as that's a tradition and each time I get something different off the menu. One of the top sellers is called the downtowner and it is nicely size thick when it's finished with the layers of pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, sausage, hamburger, cheese, and black olives. If you want to cheese pizza just asked for there's and it is hugely loaded down with mozzarella big time and I love the put the red pepper flakes on top.

They have a whole list the toppings including meatballs, pineapple, anchovies, banana peppers and of course roasted green peppers to name just a few. Do not let me forget from the pizza ingredients list jalapeno peppers as you need to make sure you put on the hot stuff, and that means you need to have a big glass of water with it! Whenever I make the pizza hotter and get hot ingredients, I in the up eating less and have more leftovers for the next day. When pizza is really hot and spicy you cannot eat it is fast because you constantly sipping on your water or maybe a budweiser Beer, or iced tea. A spicy pizza means you'll be sipping on something that's for sure and that will slow down your eating and therefore more leftovers, yay!

Go ahead and put it on the list for high quality pizza and italian cuisine. I like those really big giant pizzas because the slices are huge and of course every taste is mouthwatering. Everything on the menu is at very affordable prices. You gonna like the sauces and the family style atmosphere with lots of smiles on the servers. It's one of those places that you are glad you went there to get your favorite slice. Thank goodness it's in a wonderful area for walking and sitting and eating outside. I think that's why everybody gets take-out pizza here so much is because there are so many beautiful parks within five minutes on the waterfront to enjoy, even Ocean Park at the Melbourne Beach oceanfront.
Don E.

Downtown Pizza

918 East New Haven Avenue
Melbourne FL 32901
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