Grand Island Resort

Grand Island Resort

In Orlando the Disney Theme Parks and Waterparks garner the most attention and planning from visitors. But the resorts like the Grand Cypress are gaining fame and respect. This place is a destination and fun spot all on its own. The hotel's activity list can pack your day with a full spectrum of family pleasures.

What a place to party. Very cool was Going Up the elevators to look out for the breathtaking views. We booked it because it offers a nice package of resort amenities, golf, spa services, and tennis.

Being on the Lake Buena Vista side of Orlando is the way to go in this town. Forget the hotel offers in Maitland and Winter Park, too far away. It is good for Keeping the kids entertained in Orlando.
Virgilio E.

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Swimming Pool

Ok, Florida Travel Commander thanks for the idea to stay at the hyatt hotel. It might rain some this weekend but I don't think it is going to rain all day so come on up if you want too. If it rains, Shopping is great in Orlando.

Go to My French Neighbor for shopping and Joe's Crab Shack for dining. We can look but the glass at joann fabrics and Michael's is cheap, under $5. Florida Travel Commander, I'm glad I got home before the big storm came. We have had no rain here yet. I will let you know. As for Lion King Lion King Kitty, he likes to live the high life so he will be just fine with it!

Bessie H.

Grand Cypress

1 Grand Cypress Boulevard
Orlando FL 32836

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