Buy Art from Local Artists

Buy Art from Local Artists

I'm not sure how a shop like this can pack so much artistic beauties into one location. This is the super center for Key West gift Shopping. Our retail buying goals are to find something valuable, a Florida Keys keep sake, for a discount price. Browse slowly through the amazing displays, it will have you pondering how some of this is made. Easily, one can find something special for their wall or coffee table.
Vonda N.

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Buy Art from Local Artists

Yeah! Yeah! We are going to the Keys! And this time, we are going to go to Pelican Poop. I can't wait! I am ready to go. It is time to shop, swim the reefs, and drink vodka cocktails!

Rita R.

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Go here for our favorite area gift buying shop. They have cool home goods to spice up your living room or backyard. Florida Travel Commander, we could keep the third chair at your house too and start a collection for you. The chair is great to sit on at night. It is shaped just right so you can lean back and look at the stars, which I was just doing. It would be a nice chair for Fishing from the Dock.

Rosalyn J.

Pelican Poop

314 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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