Fun ways to see the Sights

Fun ways to see the Sights

All concerts begin at 7pm or after the bands get their beer buzz. Blankets, low back lawn chairs, coolers and dogs on leashes are welcomed to all of the island's events. The fantasy extra concert series in Key West is just about the coolest time to visit the city. We keep up with the music events and the line-up.

There is not a better place to celebrate halloween. I feel blessed to have gone down in late October three times now, and each visit was just outstanding. It is so much fun, starting from breakfast always through each evenings activities.

This town really rocks whenever there's a festival going on. Things are more jumping, as even the local residents realize it's something special. All of the radio channels have updates every fifteen minutes or half hour explaining the day's events and highlighting the most important things to do.

It takes over on the TV, as every body has something going on for people to go too. I would make sure I have a really good costume. Don't just dress normally when you come to this city for halloween.
Marshall Z.

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Be super creative and let the Good Times roll. See everybody at Captain Tony's for drinks tonight. It is cold tonight, but just drink more captain morgan rum.

Florida Travel Commander wants to know if the six-toed kitty is out on The Porch couch lounging? Cats love the cooler temperatures, but you better not let him stay out too long.

Russell I.

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