What a pleasure was to stay for a full week in downtown historic Melbourne Florida. We had a blast and the first thing that you need to know is where is the cheapest beer in town. The Publix Grocery Store on south babcock street is just a few blocks from East New Haven Avenue and by far the easiest place to pick up a twelve pack or a case of beer. This is not one of those giant Publix complexes like you've seen, so you can get in and out much more quickly in this small sized Publix store. It would not surprise me if this one doesn't get replaced eventually by one of the monster size stores, but it's perfect for this small community. They sell it all from michelob to budweiser and of course for Florida you have to have landshark beer!

Saving money On Vacation means you need to have a couple of cold beers back at your hotel swimming pool before you head out for the evening on your bicycle to enjoy the beach restaurants and the beach bars. Thank goodness we stayed at the Residence Inn which is on south babcock street, so we could walk over to the Publix whenever we needed something like beer or wine, plus chips and snacks. We specifically picked this particular hotel because they have a full size refrigerator and kitchen, everything you need to have a good time vacation for food and drinks in your hotel room when you need them.

We enjoyed most of the good beer bars in town and came away completely impressed with the area. Some of the standouts include Matt's Casbah, Meg O'malleys, and the Melbourne Pizza cafe. The happy hour prices are the way to go if you can somehow make it to the bars in the five pm to seven pm range so you can at least get one hour of the happy hour prices. For sure you definitely have to go out and get one of the big sicilian pizza pies out at bizzarro cafe, where they have really good pizza that goes with cheaper than most domestic draft beer prices. You get the beer in sixteen ounce sizes, and the best part is you are right next to the beach so you get to sit on the bench and eat outside with an amazing view.

Thank goodness for a town that is loaded with beer bars and you get the best of it all because you pick between so many different places that are so tightly located. For sure this is a bicycle community and that's the way you want to go out to the restaurants and the bars which keeps the traffic flow down and keeps you out of the driving while intoxicated in an automobile vehicle.

There's something about a Beach Vacation that ends up causing me to drink about three times as much beer as I normally do. We were busy all day and get a lot of fitness with all the Surfing and water sports. We do mega walking up and down the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. About five o'clock when the happy our prices are in full effect is exactly when my thirst kicks into full gear.

After burning about 4000 calories with all of the activities it's a no wonder that I can consume a few extra beverages than normal plus way more pizza slices! Thank goodness our first few beers were cheap and free because we got them at Publix and put them in the hotel refrigerator, and that's the way you prep up for an evening out on a beach town!
Brenda I.


1411 South Babcock Street
Melbourne FL 32901
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