Zoo Lodge Luggage Drop

Zoo Lodge Luggage Drop

We knew this was going to be a big upgrade over a regular style holiday inn. Hotel Reservations in Orlando are best to focus on the pool. Picking out which pool you want is not so easy as this town is loaded with Awesome Swimming Pools. A good target are alluring Orlando hotels loaded with fun. This is the first photo I took right after we parked the car in the front parking lot. There is a special parking area reserved for when you are first checking in. Leave your luggage in the car at first, since it is likely you will move the car to be closer to your room. The entrance of this hotel is spectacular and inside is a huge multi-story lobby museum. You can sit and enjoy the scenery, or take a guided tour, and view the artifacts located throughout the lobby.
Ricardo V.

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Disney Hotel

I like The Rooms overlooking the main uzima pool while eating my Quiznos.com sub. My favorite was the brightly colored bedding and super nice pillows. The place seemed huge for the two of us. As you'd expect, and we loved the little touches and the clean bath rooms.

Count me in as a huge fan of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, what a prime trip. Rare is the animal designs on the back of the chairs. Thank you for all the reviews of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we used your experiences in booking. They're a great choice for anyone interested in booking villa style rooms with a Big Pool.

I really came away impressed with how much space they give you to put everything away, plus mickey's big mouse beer into the refrigerator.

Elinor R.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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