Pool Bar

Pool Bar

What a great restaurant that's open to the public and you get a great view of all the action while you're sipping on a cold beer and eating some nachos. We would love to recommend this hotel and the best part is the food. Good Food is the name of the game just like over in Epcot Italy. Actually this mexican-style cantina is similar to the Margarita cafe in the Mexico Showcase. The point I'm trying to make is the food is completely authentic and when you have your jalapenos on top of the nachos you can tell they are fresh and not the pickled kind that you would at Publix in a jar. I have to say that jalapenos in the jar are not as good, so we like fresh and Tasty stuff.

I was surprised how good all the food was because you're sitting outside but it's a full restaurant style place right here, it just has more of a limited menu. It's perfect to get a bite you can split maybe some barbecue chicken wings and they make a great cheeseburger that comes with onions, cheddar cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and different kinds of sauces you can put on their of course ketchup and mustard.

Once you start relaxing by the pool each afternoon it's hard to get up the motivation to get back out and go to Hollywood Studios Theme Park. It is just relaxing and I am so glad that they have a restaurant cafe right here by the Swimming Pool to enjoy. That is a big touch and something to really think about when you are booking a vacation. You will love the blackened fish sandwich which tastes just like being at the gulfside beach bar in Clearwater Beach.

The room was clean, comfy and beautiful and not too far like the comfortsuites.com hotel in downtown. Pepper Market is nice, a Food Court of sorts looking like an open-air Mexican market. The big lake lies at the middle of The Resort, a nice touch. Our room was on the second floor, and we overlooked part of the lake. Get a big Margarita at the Coronado Springs restaurant named maya grill. Warm southwestern colors greeted us everywhere and in the room. As we entered the beautiful lobby, el centro, the mood picked up in all of us and so did the nachos!
Sonja G.

Siestas Cantina

1001 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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