Westin Beach Resort

Westin Beach Resort

This was a really good pick, it is very special when you are right here near the Atlantic Ocean. Every time you walk out of your room or open a window, the waves can be heard nicely. It is really a soothing sound just to have the waves pounding against the Shoreline, hour after hour. If you pick your hotel vacation correctly or luckily, you can get some pretty good waves and do some Body Boarding in the ocean. Fort Lauderdale does not get the waves near as good as Cocoa Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach, however they do get good waves, which can really spice up a Florida vacation. It is really nice having an ocean view and I would think that about the third or fourth floor is plenty high enough. When you get really high then you can't see the people down below to good, although then you do get up very nice panoramic view of everything. You will see plenty of cruise ships go in and out of the port of Fort Lauderdale which is not that far away. Those big giant ships out on the ocean really do add some extra ingredients to the view. There are plenty of bikinis to look at on the Shoreline, it is a wonderful place. I really like this hotel and would recommend it highly.
Major K.

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Beach Vacation Hotel

This beach town is fantastic, but not so pet friendly. Kitty is outside now, thanks to you, Florida Travel Commander, as it is better for him to stay home and skip The Beach vacation. I will let him stay out tonight if he wants as a reward for us going away. Molly is going to look in on kitty when we go to ft lauderdale wine bar weekend. There are some really good bars we like such as 33rdstreetwinebar.com cafe. She is very happy to hear that the fence is fixed so we will have time to hit the nakedgrapewinebar.com which gets great reviews.

Lois T.


321 North Ft Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

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