Al Lopez Fitness Park

Al Lopez Fitness Park

QUESTION: Where are some good outdoor parks in Tampa to jog and bike? ? ANSWER: Everyone knows about Bayshore Boulevard, so I will point out one of the lesser known Local Parks around Tampa. This one is right next to the Bucs Football Stadium, which acts as part of the park if you are jogging. Between the property that holds the stadium and the park, combined it is flat out huge.
Myrna U.

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Best place for Buccaneer Tailgate Parties

The fill this place up during the football events, college or pros. You get all the shade trees, bbq grills, and even electricity to plug in the remote tv.

Mable Z.

Jesuit High School Park

It is right across the street from Jesuit High School, so you get a big rush of kids after the bell. Nice park. I wish the bathrooms were nice. Having lots of shade is the best part of coming here. These are mainly giant Oak Trees, a lot over 100 years old.

Stefanie H.

Perfect for very long Walks

Fantastic park on property that could be sold and put the City government back in the positive cash-flow. It is right off Dale Mabry and worth a zillion dollars. Love the shade trees, that is the best part.

Dominique W.

Paradise Dance Festival

The park has a lot of good events, but you have to follow the schedule. Sometimes they mention it on the local news. The Paradise Dance Festival is a good one, (Kizomba, Salsa, ChaCha) where instructors help all learn and practice dance techniques. Yes, right here at the park!

Jospeh Y.

Lopez Park

4810 North Himes Avenue
Tampa FL 33602

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