Hand feeding the Silver King

Hand feeding the Silver King

It has to be the absolute perfect place to stop on the way down through the Florida Keys. Parking is easy and there is plenty of action all day long. I like to watch the professional Fishing boats as they pull in from their ocean outings. Everywhere in the ocean is Mahi-Mahi, and seafood is the king down in the islands.

Special was hand feeding the silver king From the Docks. We love the many things to do in this zone. Another good one close to the lower end of Islamorada is bud and mary's Fishing marina.

There is a restaurant and bait shop, plus mega Fishing boats come in and out of there. See the tarpon feeding here for free. Tarpon feedings on the docks daily is primetime.
Clinton Q.

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Places to stop driving the Florida Keys

Happy traveler, do not worry about neat things to see on the way down the Florida Keys, count on plenty of good spots. You do not really need to plan a thing.

The Fishing is going to be super. Independence day falls on a Monday this year, which means we're headed towards a busy and exciting three day weekend. I cannot wait to drop in my line. Thanks for the daily breakdown of big events and daily demand.

As for what to do at mile marker seventy eight area. We caught some fish out of the Party Fishing Boat and the restaurant there cooked it for us. Go grilled! It was marvelous. Get yourself some Key Lime Pie and at the same time sip on a key lime martini. I highly recommend mile marker seventy eight.

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