Sandwich Shop

Sandwich Shop

We probably only go over to Citywalk maybe two or three times a year and it seems like each time we come out here there's another great place to get some sandwiches, the fresh kind made the right way! I couldn't believe it when I saw because I just love the name the breadbox handcrafted sandwiches for everything you could ever want with homemade soups and really good salads.

I like it when I come to a place and it takes me a while to figure out the menu because are so many Good Things to eat. When I go to the Publix deli for a sandwich or a sub I pretty much know what I want every time because the menu doesn't change and while they make good sandwiches it's nothing like this place. I decided to try one of those tomato and mozzarella sandwiches to see if it was authentically Italian. Oh my goodness I love the ciabatta bread toasted and filled with lots of mozzarella cheese with the sun-dried and oven roasted tomatoes plus it is spiced up with some basil and tomato pesto for a great treat.

They make a smokey brisket barbecue sandwich that has hickory smoked pork that is shaved superthin and I really enjoy that horseradish cream that they put on the multi grain bread which you should get toasted as well. I think the next time I go, I will get the fried chicken sandwich that has pepper jack cheese and fresh coleslaw included on the sandwich. Having lots of choices Makes Me Smile.

I'm always impressed with the Citywalk Restaurants and have a tough time picking out which one to go for. I like the way that Moe's grill has a view right out over the walkway that heads in from the parking lot so you see a zillion people Coming and Going while you're eating. You can do one of the Sit Down restaurants inside if you want more of a traditional fancy meal. There's Live Music bars were you can hear a band playing while you eat. It's just a preference thing on what you want to do but for us we usually just want to get something good and quick plus sit outside and eat so we don't really go to pat o'brien's very often except at night to hear some Music.

Thank goodness for a new place to get great sandwiches. Keep up the good work Citywalk and Universal Studios by providing us a wonderful place to get over here and have a smorgasbord of different restaurants to choose from. I like variety and each time you come to this wonderful complex you can have something completely different. Don't forget about the Hard Rock Cafe as it is excellent plus the Thirsty Fish Bar which is Walking Distance away. Orlando is the perfect place to go on vacation and never go hungry because the food choices like the are so outstanding! Next time it will be good to stop and enjoy the Bice Ristorante Italian Cafe.
Emilie D.

Bread Box

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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