Daytime at the Stores

Daytime at the Stores

Way down at the tail end of Whitehead Street is the most zany shopping and entertainment area in all of the Florida Keys. The Sponge Shop is surrounded by a series of Museums, attractions, retail gift shops, and my favorite restaurant: Red Fish Blue Fish. We enjoy browsing all the places and go into nearly everything. You can get hot fudge, sweets, and treats across the street at Mattheessen's Ice Cream Parlor.
Alejandro F.

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Shopping for the Discounts

Good prices make this a sure place to stop for Shopping. If you get anywhere near one of the K-Marts in the Florida Keys, they sell cheap too.

Geoffrey T.

Stores with the good pricing

Because of all the local competition, the prices are really low. Shopping is nice when you are inside and cool. I love to look and browse for the deals.

Gussie B.

Stores near the Westin Resort

You will like the Westin Key West, which is right next door. The location could not be better and you are on the edge of the Truman Annex, which has a wonderful history and waterfront. Make sure you hit Fort Taylor Beach Park and take your snorkel, mask, and fins. This is a snorkeling park.

Hollie R.

Sponge Market Shop

1 Whitehead Street
Key West FL 33040

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