Mickey Mouse Center

Mickey Mouse Center

A really fun place and we always take the big plunge at Splash Mountain. You will certainly have to use the Fastpass option as this is one very popular ride. Use the rain to your advantage at Disney, as rain sends families flocking to their cars. Smart people know that showers go quick in Orlando and you can ride it over and over with no lines or waiting.
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Beat the crowds by starting early

We like to arrive about 20 minutes before it opens. That is the best time to take a Disney Tour with your kids and immerse yourself in the classic history that has made this kingdom so magical.

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Things to do in Every Direction

The lunch patios are nice if you are entering the park in the morning. Use the Fast Pass because the standard lines can also get long and cause you to waste time. Get lots of pictures and you can purchase souvenirs on Main Street USA. I love the rides and the new Starbucks coffee shops. The restaurants at Disney Bars and Restaurants stay open for two hours after the rest of the park has closed for the evening.

Edwina F.

Disney World

If you've never been to Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom or seen the films in epcot's World Showcase or walked the various trails in Animal Kingdom, do go. I love the parks and rides, plus shows. Christmas Day is a wonderful time to do just that. There's no better way to spend Christmas night than by watching the candlelight Music show. Waits of three to four hours for the top rides have been seen in the past.

If it's warm enough, how about spending the day at a Disney Water Park in December. Christmas doesn't get much better than Orlando Florida, plus the local papadpizza.com cafe. There's something very soothing about the lights and they never fail to bring tears to my eyes. Instead, what we tend to do is head for the more unusual attractions that don't get The Crowds as much.

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Magic Kingdom Tours

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