Venice Italy at Epcot

Venice Italy at Epcot

What a neat and scenic area for a day trip to Venice Italy! The street comedians are outstanding and perform daily in the courtyard. Be sure to browse the interesting Shopping options and try some ravioli. The best place to dine are for some great eats at tutto Italian ristorante. The Orlando restaurant finder for italian cuisine will point your right here as the number one recommendation.
Eileen V.

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Florida Travel Commander, I'm glad you like The Spaghetti at the Italy Showcase. It is always nice to have a home-cooked meal. Lion King kitty does not want spaghetti. He just wants his cat food or leftovers from bar food!

I did a search on google to try to figure out what's the best place to get Italian food and all of Orlando. I love Restaurant Row at Epcot but there's a lot of other Good Places to get some yummy stuff in the area like over on south crystal lake drive which is where the italian house is located.

Everybody likes a good menu filled with Pizza and hot press Sandwiches. Thank goodness Subway has improve their ability to make hot press sandwiches, which used to be only available at the really good pizza restaurants. It's fun to find a place that you really enjoy to eat and what about spaghetti with the big meatballs. I've been trying to do is try different things on the menu like spinach lasagna which is supposed to cut down on the calories but I'm not sure!

I didn't know Orlando had so many good high rated italian restaurants so there's no problem at all getting some eggplant parmesan or some baked ziti. Just thinking about the Italy Showcase makes me hungry because the food. I love browsing in that area and they have some need shops and Lots to See and do.

Harlan L.

Epcot Italy

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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