Vacation pick Must do List

Vacation pick Must do List

Despite the name, do not make a bet on what is technically the furthest location in Key West. The colorful red-yellow-black-white cement pipe is a must do picture taking location. The buoy is located on the corner of south street and whitehead street, which marks the Southernmost Point in the continental us.

The monument was made out of a sewer junction so people could no longer steal it like the old signs. The most photographed part of Key West is here because the marker proudly states that cuba is just ninety miles away.

The trolley and bike tours stop here so all can get a memory shot. This is a key west must do list item. Use the bicycles to tour as Bicycle Riding is the best.
Reynaldo D.

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Take Photographs

What a zone, and it never gets old. Even though we don't take photographs at the Southernmost Point spot anymore, we always cruise by here on our bicycles to check it out.

Everybody so energetic and enthusiastic and being in this classic Florida location. Don't forget to go and see the End of the Rainbow tourist stop. I love the White Street Pier and a myriad of good things in this part of the island.

Benjamin N.

Southernmost Point

400 South Street
Key West FL 33040

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