Hotel on the Ocean

Fabulous for sure is this wonderful opportunity to get a room with a view. Make sure you try for one of the waterfront, or rather I should say oceanfront view rooms and there are only about eight of them I believe. Many of the other rooms look out over the swimming pool and are just fine, equally fantastic for the most part.

There's something special about waking up and just opening up the sliding glass door and there is the world of the Florida Keys with the boats in the people enjoying it. You can look right down onto the hotel docks, as this is a Boater Friendly place to stay. They have one of the better boat ramps and there are many places in the area to drop in your boat if you want to explore a little bit and not just boat and this one particular zone.

We like to kayak as well and you can go down to the tea table bridge to get to The Other Side. You sometimes need to compensate for the wind direction and boat in the area where it is least windy, meaning the land is blocking the wind so it super called for seeing the fish down below.

I like staying in the fancy hotels in the keys so it will be nicely maintained and clean. The name of the restaurant here is called Oltremare Ristorante, operated by the best servers of all time. What a cool name and they have the best drinks, beer, wine, and dining oceanfront! Love the ocean breeze and the yellowtail snapper dish!
Cesar I.

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Seafood and Views Hotel

At the hotel you have to go over to the Green Turtle, which is open for breakfast. I like the place a lot and the big menu. We are going to the Green Turtle for late night happy hour too!

Dane R.

Hotels with Boat Dockage

They ask for 40 dollars a night for boat dockage, which is ridiculous. Come on, most places it is just free and part of the hotel package.

Scott V.

Florida Keys Vacation

I heard the Visitor Center is good on the island. Not sure if they have any reef trip discounts at the center, but I assume so. They used to be in the free marketing magazines. I figure to do more homework this time down, to make the most of our Florida Keys Vacation.

Winford D.

Amara Cay

80001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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