Waterplay off the City Trolley Stop

My top beach park is here. On the weekends, it can get busy, but never at a level that is overbearing. We really like this beach. And I believe that the Travel Channel rated it number four last year, as part of their top 10 Florida beaches episode.

One day you are at The Beach, and very likely the next day you are going to be doing some other form of sightseeing, we loved reef snorkeling off the Sebago Catamaran. There is just so much going on on this island, it spreads every body out very thin.

The trolley is just too cool as you can get on and off during the day. It is perfect to take advantage of sightseeing. We walked the entire Main Beach area, up and back, in about 10 inches of water.
Eduardo V.

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Great Fun are Morning Beach Walks

Try a long walk here as the very first thing you do early in the morning. Yes, a quick shower in the morning and down a cup of coffee and head over to this side of the island for a Key West Sunrise Walk! Even if you miss the start, it makes for the perfect way to enjoy the mornings here on vacation.

Eugenia U.

Beach Day in the Florida Keys

You can take your time and see all sorts of marine critters in the shallow waters off the Shoreline. It is more fun and entertaining than walking up on The Beach. We want to see the sunrise, but our late nights in the City Center keep us from that.

Elaine F.

Smathers Beach

3469 South Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040-5234

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