Tour Boat Cruise Ride

Tour Boat Cruise Ride

We think Living with the Land is excellent, something fun, real, and educational for the children visiting Disney Orlando. You climb on a tour boat and take a scenic cruise through living organic laboratories. You see and learn about a desert, rain forest, farming area, and aqua-labs. These new types of greenhouses are just amazing to see up-close.

We had so Much Fun doing cool things at the parks. You ought to Bring your Camera for pretty much everything. You have to be pretty good with the indoor photography, it's tough to take photographs when you're moving fast on a ride.

The Monorail makes it really nice for people staying at one of The Hotels over there near the Magic Kingdom. The Epcot and the Magic Kingdom combo ticket is the way to go to do two parks in one day. The hotel is excellent, plus there's others close by. We think this is one of the coolest Orlando hotels for sure.
Natalie W.

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Theme Park Day

Did you happen to find the little flashlight that is missing? I have one of the fancy led flash lights maglite from the vacation trip. Perhaps you have the other one? Good lights sure help exploring the area at night.

Earnestine P.

So much Fun

Most people won't agree, but we love the Contemporary and stay there often. Sure, this resort is one of the oldest of any hotel in Orlando, but it is Awesome and brings back some fond memories of my long haul trips to visit Orlando and Disney as a teen. It has be redone, and is all modern and packs a bunch of fun.

Please turn your phone on first thing in the morning, so we can communicate, just in case. Having the phone on more is the key on Disney trips.

Ida Y.

Living with the Land

200 Epcot Center Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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