Top Parks to Visit

Top Parks to Visit

You have to hunt a little for the best beach sand and this park is very cool. Super popular is snorkeling from the shore and more reef boats leave from here than any other place in Monroe County! Just a few miles offshore are the coral reefs that protect the upper keys from large ocean waves, and that is why The Beach here has really calm water. Pennekamp is a great day outside and well-maintained. Bring all of your chairs, umbrellas, and water sports toys. Explore the entire area by foot and Kayak Rentals. There are nature trails that go right along the waterways. We love Scenic locations like this fine park!
Olga C.

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RV Travel Trailer Trips

You can get campsites whenever there is bad weather and people cancel the rv travel trailer trips. There will be no fluff-fluff this weekend with the pending hurricane. The focus will be preparing Catman Lion King kitty to be evacuated out to higher ground.

Drills will be run to see how long it takes to get the Lion King kitty loaded in the car with a case of fancy feast and lots of water. We will re-run the drills until the Lion King kitty can get loaded in thirty seconds or less. We can dive for sure, but Not to deep is good for us!

Wilbur V.


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