Top of the Line Disney

Top of the Line Disney

The ultra rich and movie stars stay at this 5-star Disney resort. Be treated like a king or queen, and stay a boat-taxi-ride away from the Disney Magic Kingdom. While everything is very plush, this hotel is loaded with free activities and is All Smiles For Kids and adults. Cocktails buy the Swimming Pool are the way to unwind after the Disney Day and before the daily Fireworks. Ask the bartender to fix you a key lime kreamcicle: key lime juice, vodka and vanilla Ice Cream.
Donald W.

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We had a full week and that's why we wanted something that was a little bit larger that had a kitchen and a Monorail. Eating Out is a pleasure at cafe, but we like to not dine out too many times to save some cash. If you are renting for the week, it becomes a little more difficult to figure out where you want to stay. Your options even widen further because of the weekly condo rentals. You can go nice hotel or condo and if you do I would look at the Kissimmee area and maybe winter gardens but I wouldn't be too far away in general.

Kirby Q.

Review of the Grand Floridian

Seems to me you can't get much better than this place. It was sweet for everything and even the bathrooms had a clean smell when you walk in. I would say it's definitely Worth the Price as long as you can split it between two people and you don't have to stay for a week, Two Nights is just fine. I wanted to do a review of the Grand Floridian because we had a good time and I only have positive thoughts to share about what you should do when you are here. Spend a lot of time inside the main lobby at least by walking through their every time you're in the area because different little secret events and surprises can just happen.

I thought everything at the Grand Floridian was just fabulous and I would now consider the Polynesian as an equal since we got to go over there and have some tropical drinks at that Swimming Pool while we were here. Everything was superb in the room and of course The Resort was very clean indeed. We would go out to dinner each evening and it is excellent for the food in the area. You can even dine at some cheap places like or some themed food, but you will definitely like the restaurants in the area.

Jerald E.

Grand Floridian

4401 Floridian Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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