Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island

Is pretty neat to cross a river in a boat that doesn't have an engine just like Tom Sawyer did! This is not a thrill ride and you won't Get Wet, but something cool to do as it is very relaxing plus a nice adventure if you have younger kids. It's a good time to snap some photography because you are just cruising along enjoying the scene thinking about where you're going to go to eat dinner later on after the Theme Park!

It does give you a chance to take a break a little bit because you're just crossing a small river but it takes about five minutes maybe total. You get to walk on the island and cruise around and there's things you can find to win prizes like a free meal.

I would think everybody would like coming to the Magic Kingdom to take advantage of the different things that you can do. I like this area a lot and they have the Pirates of the Caribbean ride just around the corner. It's pretty neat that they have something that focuses on all of the swashbuckling that went on in that era. You know Captain Jack Sparrow from the Disney movies, what a great star.

Each day they have a show that features Captain Jack Sparrow and he teaches kids how to fight with the sword. I kid you not, these little kids all get a little plastic sword and they try to go up and learn to fight with Captain Jack Sparrow. It's hilarious and one of those things you just have to see. If your kids are under eight years old then get them over there to raise her hand.

If a kid acts engaged and really wants to get in the shows they will most likely get picked. If your child is a little scared and does seems a little reluctant, the Cast Members are not going to pick that child to Get on Stage because truly that child really doesn't want too. If your child is into that kind of thing and likes to be the star of the show, go ahead and let them do it. Make sure you do the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train about five times if you can somehow get it in your schedule.

We've gotten lucky a couple times because it's rained really hard and had lightning which cleared out the crowd. When it does that and the rain scares everyone off, then you can do rides one after another which is just amazing. I like Eating at the Theme Parks but often we want to wait and eat later because were just too busy with the attractions. There's a few places in town that are just like eating over at Epcot Japan like the Japanese Steakhouse and lounge, that is Very Entertaining.

It makes for great day with all the sightseeing and the Dining Opportunities, what a vacation paradise. Next week we will do a review of the Food and Wine Festival for everybody to read, so stay tuned.
Crystal S.

Tom Sawyer

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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