Beach in Key West

Beach in Key West

Atlantic Ocean view park is the best for Key West Beach Play. Go to the Atlantic Ocean view park or Higgs Beach and really get into Florida Keys recreation.these protected nature zones are part of a subtropical eco-region and provides habitat for many species of birds and marine life. You will see lots of things touring the beaches and Florida Keys parks.

There are three core nature refuges in the lower Florida keys: great white heron, national key deer, and the Key West national wildlife refuge. We love the parks and nature on the islands. Great for children. Learn more about it at the A Key Encounter, at Mallory Square.

Our trip to Key West was Just the Best, as this city just gets better and better. On this vacation, we did a lot more exploring and moved away the Duval zone during the day. Do try Astro Park for small kids, where they can enjoy a typical playground area with a beautiful waterfront views. The coolest snorkeling area is part of Higgs Beach, with safety no boat zones keeping it just for swimmers. Do rent bicycles, it makes Transportation and getting around so much easier, without worrying about beach parking.
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The Beach

There is a restaurant by the park that has the best Key Lime Pie I've ever had, it is right on the beach by the Volleyball Courts. This is one of the Fun Spots for Drinking Alcohol. It is one of the best places for waterfront dining with A View you'll ever visit. Yeah to dining by the beach. It is great exploring The Best Area in Key West and all of the local beaches.

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Higgs Beach

1000 Atlantic Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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