Disney Deals

Disney Deals

Last year we focused on staying near the Key West attractions and this year it was time to head to Mickey Mouse Town! Disney is a good pick for hotels, as you get plenty of extras starting with the huge Swimming Pool. In-room safes and mini-refrigerators are the norm from Pop Century to the deluxe hotels. You're gonna like the way the whole thing looks, as everything is appealing to the eyes from the outside area all away into the bathrooms.

Using the Bus Service was excellent, and I can have no complaints about the time it takes to get to Hollywood Studios Theme Park, which was maybe seven minutes. When you're on the bus your laughing and giggling the whole time and talking to your family and other people. You can look out the window and kinda learn your way around a little bit so Taking the Bus ride to any of the theme parks to me is a breeze. I actually like to sit up front where you can chat with the bus driver or ask questions if you see something. The Disney Bus drivers are allowed to talk while they drive and they are really helpful as a resource.

You might as well learn every chance you can from an insider. You can asked the bus driver anything, like where is a good Lake Buena Vista happy hour bar? They might not know the answer, but they will have some kind of joke to keep things lively, at least that's been my experience.

We found the Food Court to be of high quality and puts out a darn good Spaghetti and meatballs dish. I like Oriental Food a lot so we did go out and even found a really good vietnamese restaurant phok5orlando.com in town to enjoy. We sure are glad we didn't choose that knights inn hotel knightsinn.com which is a bit too far away.

To me it would be a good idea to be within ten or fifteen minutes maximum of any of The Theme Parks otherwise it becomes too much of a hassle. I wouldn't drive over to Cocoa Beach and back on the same day just to see the Atlantic Ocean, because you've never been there before. We had a couple people with us and that's something they wanted to do so bad. It's a long way to drive, even though the Cocoa Beach Pier and the waves are just fantastic on a nice day. You're better off going to Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and playing in the waves there, because that is outstanding to do.

All ages will get into this hotel experience. You can count on a quality room and everything will be superclean, and no visible stains on the carpet or walls. I would love to have a balcony but at least you can get either the third or fourth floor rooms which provide a nice view out over the Swimming Pool and the forest in the local area. I like the fact that you could walk in less than five minutes to the Art of Animation Resort and explore that. Both of them are value resorts and just gorgeous. What a trip we had which we did everything including we got to Ride a Horse and we drink beer at the Rose and Crown Pub!
Ashley U.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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