Third Floor

Third Floor

I am happy to do a review of the Coronado Springs Resort at Orlando. This is our first time staying in this particular Disney Hotel, although we have tried a couple of the cheaper units. We really enjoyed staying at the All-Star Sports Resort and the Pop Century Resort over the last two summer vacations so this time we wanted to go up one level of payment. They call these the mid-level or Moderate Resort prices. The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to have one king size bed or two queen size beds. Seems to me anybody would want to queen size beds, so more room to spread out and it is the same overall room size. Each of The Rooms has a little table with two chairs, so you can sit and eat Sandwiches or play cards, or set your laptop up. Wifi is everywhere, so there's no problem with your internet connectivity at the disney hotels. We thought it was spectacular and would highly recommend it.
Esther L.

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Mid Priced

The food service at Coronado Springs included a quick counter service area, just the ticket. No need for room service in Orlando with good picks to eat everywhere. We were fortunate in that there were no large conventions during our stay. Hammocks were available and the pool was uncrowded mostly. I thought that the Disney Transportation was efficient, what a good experience moving around.

At night, the lighting was beautiful for walking around after getting our take out China cafe. We liked the location of Coronado Springs Resort. Cafe rix is nice and the rix lounge, with a dj on weekend nights. What a workout is the sand court for volleyball. We did things that had been planned on prior trips, all near the hotel. This area is nice for our favorite restaurants. We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort for Five Nights and wow.

Francis K.

Coronado Springs

1001 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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