We love October

Going early is the best way to visit all of the Disney Orlando Theme Parks, plus you get the bonus of Opening Ceremonies. It is great, especially to get your children fired up for the big day. From the parking lot, you can use the Free Transportation to get on the property very early. It is nice, take the Monorail, ferry boat, or walk from the parking lot to the main gate.
Rolando R.

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Disney Landscaping

I really like the way the park changes all during the year. You can come back a few weeks later after your last visit and it will be redone. They are super at outdoor landscaping. I get so many ideas when I tour the grounds around the parks and hotels.

Charity A.

Opening Gate Area

We stayed next to the opening gate area at the Contemporary Resort, which is a three minute walk away. It is faster to walk than take the Monorail. The Resort features a fine Swimming Pool. The slide is much faster if you lay down flat, so fun.

Maribel R.

Magic Kingdom

I am good after a wonderful trip to the Magic Kingdom. No lingering affects from the Big Thunder Mountain ride accident, well, except I lost all memories of a chunk of years of my life. I know that a vacation means risk, as nothing is full proof. I have finally gotten to the point of not having any type of doctor's appointments, no more neuro, no more point, no more shrink, no more anything, they have finally decided to leave me alone. I actually went back to my smelly, sweaty and what some people call gross Orlando boxing gym gymratboxing.com last month, only a few classes, trying to take it slow on the back, but it has been Awesome! My arms are actually starting to have a little definition again, woohoo.

A lot of you know that I wanted to run the Disney World 5k for greg next year, but running has been outlawed by my mean ole orthopedic doc, so that isn't happening. Y'all know I am a Mickey Mouse rebel, but being able to walk and function in a fairly normal fashion is a high priority of mine and spine compression doesn't really allow that, so I can give up running. Physically, I am good, for the first time in a really long time. No headaches, no back agony, no tingling foot, I actually feel like lori again, for better or worse ready for the beer at the bjsrestaurants.com cafe!

Bryan Q.

Magic Kingdom

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