Commercial Boulevard Beach

Commercial Boulevard Beach

The Public Beach in Lauderdale by the Sea is perfectly located near some great beach bars! We came during the Christmas holidays and really enjoy the area, and the Shoreline is excellent this time of year. A lot of people ask when's the best time to come down to Florida for vacation, and probably the best answer is any time.

The one thing you should know about coming in the winter months, is it is not the swimming season. If you get a hotel make sure you call and validate the actual water temperature heated in the swimming pool, because a lot of hotels don't advertise or guarantee what the swimming pool temperature will be. The ocean is cold, really cold as far as I'm concerned from December to February, and even in March it's darn chilly.

The Gulf of Mexico is always about six to ten degrees warmer than the Atlantic Ocean, so that's something you could consider. I would focus on Sanibel Island, Clearwater Beach, and Naples beach in the winter months, and the summer season it is all about the Atlantic Ocean and the waves. The prime months for swimming in the Atlantic Ocean down here is best between June through August.

Even in the hottest time of the year the water temperature never really gets up to may be eighty-three degrees at the maximum in the Atlantic Ocean. Over in the Gulf of Mexico, the water will get up above eighty-four about seven months of the year, where that might only be one or two months maybe three maximum in the Atlantic Ocean. Knowledge is everything, so at least you can make the right decision as we really like Lauderdale by the Sea. We picked tropic seas resort on this trip and last year we stayed at the windjammer resort, both excellent options.
Teri S.

Public Beach

1 Commercial Boulevard
Lauderdale by the Sea FL 33308
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