The Shoreline

The Shoreline

Taking advantage of the things to do along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline is what a Fort Lauderdale Beach vacation is all about. Special it is, the first thing we did when we got here is to get our toes in the sand. Even before we stopped at the hotel, we stopped in the parking lot area right in front of the Town Square Restaurant to hit The Beach.

I like places that you can park for free next to the beach, as they want people to come here and spend money at the Beach Bars, shops, and restaurants, which are all right here close within walking distance. If you've never had the opportunity to go on a boogie board and the waves, that is a sure thing to do. There's a Surf Style shop just two blocks away and they sell really cool looking and cheap boards for riding the waves.

The boogie boards are smaller than your normal surfboard, making it easy to hop on and glide gently along when the big wave comes in, and you decide to take it. Not only is it a lot of entertainment for a very low price, and you can take the board home with you because are not that big and it is a great memento to bring back on your next trip. A beach boogie board is between fifteen and forty dollars, unless you're a super pro and need something extraordinary.

The waves steadily come all the time, never letting up, only changing in size. The surf report is a good thing to know about, but it doesn't matter because thre will be waves. Whether there super huge or more gentle, they still are fun for the boogie board. Of course there are times when the wave heights are ridiculously crazy because of the wind or storms or some weather condition that mother nature brought in, but they still look beautiful from the shore!
Hong F.

Atlantic Ocean

1 Commercial Boulevard
Lauderdale by the Sea FL 33308
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