Best Hotel Experience

Best Hotel Experience

Easy to get to, this hotel does everything for you starting with planting you in the perfect location. You stay right here in the middle of two super Theme Parks, movie studios and Epcot World Center. They have upscale service if you wish to use it, bars, spa, beauty center.

The sports are incredible, Basketball in the Swimming Pool was the Most Fun. That hotel is absolutely enormous. We had no idea that the disney hotels were so large, maybe that's why the prices are so good. It must be difficult to fill up that many rooms each and every night of the week, especially during the week and in the summer.

We have started a full scale review of the different hotels and are going to stay for a week this summer. I think having a Big Swimming Pool is our main attraction and that's why we wanted stay at one of the Disney hotels. The Beach Club really has a special pool and I think any of The Hotels that have a Boat Taxi dock are probably something that you want to get.
Allie U.

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Absolutely Enormous

It is great for adults. It will be our second trip here. It's just two of us coming, both adult so we want to take advantage of the nightly entertainment over there at Epcot. The Music concerts get such rave reviews, that gets us excited for a little dancing and drinking.

I like the riverdale color painted inside the lobby area. Later today I am going to spend more time doing color analysis. I got all the samples they have at Home Depot so I can make it look just like the fantastic Orlando Hotel.

Lane G.

Swan Resort

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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