If you want to know why you get pretty good value when you come to the Disney Theme Parks, just look at the great live shows offered. The costumes are the best part, and you just have to see them close up to really get into the depths of creativity. If you want to look good for October and the halloween season, try to get your hands on one of these funky Disney costume outfits. These guys in the Lion King festival show are really good. They are called tumble monkeys, and do all sorts of neat things using trampolines to fly them into the air. It's a circus act with all the Singing and Dancing going on at the same time. It must have cost thousands of dollars for all the costumes and wardrobe colors, and they have full headdresses. You're going to like the Live Shows like Nemo the Musical, so make sure you check the times guide when you first get into the Theme Park. It is a good idea to know exactly what you're going to do really the day before you go, so study the map of the park and really think about the time of the events. The Lion King is one of the very best live musicals going on in the city of Orlando Entertainment scene.
Alonso J.

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Animal Kingdom Park is a primetime winner. We love the stuff to see and the Critters. Not so fast. Bully cat was just here. He was checking out the new lights in the garden.

Lion King kitty was meowing at him from the patio. I went out and chased him away. Kitty let me fight that one for him.

Dolly H.

Lion King

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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