Bring your Surfboard

Bring your Surfboard

This is one beach town where learning to ride on a surfboard is made super easy and you don't have to be athletic. It's all about control and a little bit a balance, plus it's a lot of fun. We recommend taking lessons at Ron Jon surf school, they have the thirty minute or one hour type of lessons which is easy to do.

Once you know the basics of how to take advantage of the wide surfboard to plant your feet and gently standup, then you will be Riding the Waves! I always thought it was really challenging and there would be no way I could figure out how to ride a surfboard. It only took me about a half hour to get it down where at least I standup most of the time for three to five or maybe ten seconds.

You don't want to learn to surf with four feet or higher waves, gentle wave height is preferable. You look very cool when you stand next to your board even between the rides! This is a great area to take advantage of the Surfing opportunities once you become a more medium level type rider.

We like to take the board and dump in right near the Pier or new symrna beach, and Ponce Inlet is fantastic for Surfing. Just enjoy the whole experience whether you fall and splash or ride the wave all the way to the shore!
Vanessa O.


2080 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931
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