Bus System

Bus System

We just got back from Orlando and want to comment on how fabulous the bus system works in the Theme Park area. I was very impressed by the fact that you can go on the website and get a countdown clock of how long it will be till the bus arrives at the actual stop that you are monitoring. We had eight minutes left one time and we popped into Del Taco to get a to go order to take the food back to the Embassy Suites, and we were able to do this because the bus sends out bus times that are accurate to the minute.

What a great system it is where you know exactly when the bus is gonna show up. You do not have to go down and wait around at the Bus Stop since you have the knowledge of the exact time you need to be outside. The price per day is excellent and was only five dollars total during our trip. That's a great price for using a bus all day long to go up and down the whole main Theme Park zone. It is kind of nice to get off at the major stops and check out what's going on in the area.

You can really learn a lot more about Orlando without using your car. Go out for the evening down to the Hooters restaurant for beer and chicken wings, and you can get back to Your Hotel without dealing with your automobile. The buses are big, clean, and it works great. I have nothing to say but Good Things about this fantastic program they put together to help the public get around to the different attractions like fun spot and Orlando 360 which all have bus stops.
Freida D.

I-Ride Trolley

7081 Grand National Drive
Orlando FL 32819
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