Lakeside at the Italian Showcase

Lakeside at the Italian Showcase

Your journey to Italy is so easy here in Orlando. It is a land rich in history, culture, pasta and craft beer. Everybody knows rome the eternal city and you can eat here in style. The restaurants here the feature the best of regional delicacies and fine Italian wines.

Happy Times are a sure thing when you come to this wonderful land of the world. I thought everything about this Italy Showcase was just outstanding. They really know how to make things authentic, where your eyeballs will pop out at the beauty of the buildings and the architecture.

Most the time I just walk past a pretty building or a colorful architectural display, but here it really looks outstanding. Do not Miss the Comedy, as that's what's really cool about a Disney Day. In between all the beautiful anesthetic looking objects will be some Funny People and Music.
Tad U.

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We came for the Eat to the Beat Celebration which is Music every afternoon. About two hundred yards from this particular spot is where the music happens and you can hear it as you walk around the complex. It's a great day, good for All Ages and wine drinkers.

Out on the town there are a lot of cool things to check out and you can use the Uber Orlando Taxi Service. With the kids I would say once upon a Toy Store is excellent. You'd be surprised at all of the Disney Gifts you can get at Walgreens in this town. For eating try the Vito's Chop House restaurant.

Dwight M.

Italy Pavilion

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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