Open Daily Snorkel Boat Ride

You start by picking out your Sanitized Snorkel Gear, which just takes a few minutes. I would recommend putting Vaseline Gel on the inside area where you fins tug against your skin. Those long sleeve shirts are perfect to keep your back from becoming crispy bacon in the Florida Keys Sun.

Sit back and do enjoy the good time riding around on the way to and from the Port of Key West. One heading down here for a magical vacation could hardly not go out and do some water sports.

There's a lot of fun things that you get to choose from, so pay attention to the weather. You want to go out on the boats when the weather is calm and that way it is not such a hectic time. One year we were told that there was only one to two foot seas but my goodness it was crazy.

What an adventure and you will get a terrific workout. You will burn more calories during your day so you will have plenty of room to consume lots of alcohol at the happy hour bars after.
Yvonne T.

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We enjoyed a wonderful immersion in the Florida Keys awesome Underwater realm. Diving the spiegel grove is an adventure in a mysterious subsea realm and you get hungry so bring some food. Soaring over upper keys waters is guaranteed to provide an exuberant adrenaline jolt. Key Largo boasts a playground for advanced- and wreck-certified divers: the 510-foot boat. The spiegel grove rests in 130 feet of water about six miles off Key Largo.

Vicki Q.

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