Lifeguard Stands

Lifeguard Stands

The best advice I can give somebody is to swim in front of the Daytona Beach lifeguard stands. Just in the rare event something occurs while you're in the water, why not be close to somebody that has radio contact with police, the ambulance, and anybody else they need to get help immediately.

I hate to bring up the word sharks but they're all over the place and we do have shark bites. Luckily, the shark bites are typically not fatal and just a scary event and lots of stitches on the person's foot.

I did not want to bring up a negative, but if you're in front of a lifeguard the quickness for getting help is so much better. We always swim in front of one of the lifeguards and it makes me feel a lot better with the kids, just in case of that rare event.

Staying safe is the name of the game so you can spend more time at the Oceanfront Bar enjoying the view. Just a little common sense goes a long way. The waves are intense. That's why we come here, where the Waves are the best in Florida by far.

Have to burn megacalories I would recommend to go to nelliy's deli or Molly's Cafe for some local goodies, and I really love the Wing House bar. Sloppy Joe's bar is really close and one of my favorites of all time.
Dixie R.

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Being Safe at the Beach

You can take the bike pathway from end to end. You do not have to use the car if you bring your bicycles. The number one attraction on the space coast is Joe's on the Pier views. There is a really long pathway that makes Bike Riding easy and fun.

Such a great area to play and enjoy the shoreline. What a popular and wildly active scene. Have a waterfront dinner with unbelievable views of the surfers and vibrate coastline.

Alba W.

Beach Safety

It would seem to me that we could have voluntary lifeguards and not have to pay the health insurance and things like that, because older people would be glad to be a volunteer out here. I have been very impressed with the lifeguard services and the work that they do each day.

I do respect what they do and the people that are hired, but what I'm talking about is just cost-effective government because there are thousands of retired people that are well off that just would love to be out here and volunteer to watch the beach with the phone to call for help if there's a problem.

I love the restaurants like Genovese's Italian Cafe and the Smoke Shack Barbecue and we like to eat at a few different places but keep branching out because you want to try new things. It's a beautiful area with lots to do, and Florida's most family friendly beach vacations.

Jeffry O.

Daytona Beach

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Daytona Beach FL 32114

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