Having Fun at the Tampa Fair

Having Fun at the Tampa Fair

Yippee, we were up and away, zip down and around. This place is so fun and Tampa is growing up with more zany places to go for weekend fun. You never know what to expect when you get on a rollercoaster, the moves just bounce you around and around.

This is one all ages and families will want to ride. It is just way too cool!

Loved the rides and it is so much cheaper here than Disney or SeaWorld. Sure, it is not the same, but still a fun time out playing and laughing. We had a nice time on the big rides.

Tickets go on sale today for pre-sale for bon jovi at the State Fair. In case you did not know I love bon jovi. Very few people I'll pay to go see in concert, but they are definitely one of the I have the code to get in on the pre-sale and everything, but then I can't get tickets anywhere worth sitting. Now I have to go to Tampa to see them. Hopefully the tickets I got there are decent.
Jules M.

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Excellent was the Back to School Bash

Events are the name of the game at this property, as this is now a fantastic venue for a myriad of things. We went to the Back to School Bash, a great kids day fun-filled event! Kids totally get into the interactive exhibits, animals and music.

Helen H.

Florida State Fairgrounds

4800 Highway 301 North
Tampa FL 33610

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