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Get off the couch and get outside to enjoy some unique adventures right here in Tampa bay. Many people think they've got a go over to Orlando for the Mickey Mouse pleasures and that is not true. This Theme Park in Tampa has grown up and now features all lot of zany things throughout the day, not even counting the rides and rollercoasters.

This is a family adventure and definitely perfect for all ages, even younger children can ride along. The river rapids are so fun. Other things we like our Sheikra, stanley falls, and gwazi.

Who does not enjoy river rapids as the fast flowing Water is just great to play in. One will probably not find a better place for Tampa based outdoor activities, this is so beautiful and entertaining. Who knew that we had white Water river rapids right here in Tampa! Certainly, one of the neater Things to Do at the park. This is good for big kids and little ones, and they have a Water cave along the way that is kind of unique. Expect a full day of smiles and thrills.
Anne L.

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Keeping the Smiles On

Day is cool and night time is better. Late night gift drops are fine. Yeah to a birthday at the park and Exploring Tampa for fun! We came on my birthday and am so happy with the best birthday ever. Outside now, waiting for late night rollercoaster drops!

Ahmed G.

Busch Gardens

10165 North McKinley Drive
Tampa FL 33612

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