South Tampa Picnic Park

South Tampa Picnic Park

Our family was trying to decide what to one Saturday afternoon and we ended up here at this historic park. Very nice indeed, it is easy to find in South Tampa. We have to conserve our budget and are always looking for family-friendly activities that are free.

Spend the afternoon along the Tampa waterfront and you will be smiling. This is the kind of place where you can Take the Kids and spend a couple of hours outside on the pier or under the big shade trees.

I love the parks that have really good shade like Al Lopez Park over there near where the buccaneer football team plays the games. In the summer you need the big trees, and you can spread a blanket out and have a nice picnic.

A lot of people do fish Out on the Pier and it's a good area for Bicycle Riding. You can walk from here real quickly and be on the Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park superlong sidewalk.
Malinda G.

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Take your Kid to the Park

This is a great area for walking, so bring your walking shoes and check out the neighborhoods. They have food and drinks at the refreshment center which is at the base of the fishing pier.

Sondra G.

Exploring the Area

My favorite Tampa Park. In Ybor and Channelside, DO go there on the Trolley., you have so many choices. Both are great entertainment districts with all you can ask for is good company. Big fun at the parks and the Hooters bar.

Sherri Z.

Fun with Kids

A fine park to experience Tampa like a Local. Yes, our family has been come for years. The restaurant is good, very casual eats on dime.

Matt B.

Community Park

Each day is another time to experience all that we have in our great community. I like the Happy Hours and grilled seafood, but the dancing in town is better than ever. The Fresh Market is my top pick for the food and vegetables. Do not miss Ballast Point Park, right around the corner in south Tampa.

Gaston O.

Ballast Point Park

5300 Interbay Boulevard
Tampa FL 33611

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