Take the Little Ones

Take the Little Ones

Seeking out weekend adventures with small kids in Tampa is a breeze with your to do list. It was fun to come down and see all of the marine critters, the kids just raved over all the stuff. You will need at least an hour, plus this is an attraction area. Walking to restaurants, Shopping, and Local Parks is part of the day here.

Lots to learn and plenty to see is part of the Aquarium viewing. This will get your children pumped up on marine life. Get a good book after to keep the fever for underwater life going. We found an urban fish camp that is a dandy day out for those with young children. See and learn about all kinds of zany water-loving critters. The Aquarium sits in Channelside, a family-friendly Shopping, dining, and entertainment district.

The problem is that Discovery Cove, Seaworld, and Animal Kingdom are just too far away. When people have gone to those, this seems a bit lame without your marine hat on. Similar to Lowry Park compared to Disney, and kids love them all. Not a bad day, just have your expectations ready for marine learning and splashing! It is great for small children to see.
Salvador Q.

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Family Friendly

New years events are cool, like at the Aquarium and the outback bowl parade right there. Family friendly is this event with the bands from the colleges and lots of kids. It starts early, which is a nice warm up for the New Years Celebration events.

I am going to do more research, but this seems like a winner two miles from my house and we can drive the car or bike, as I know the back way. More later after I research other options, but this is huge fun, bigger than the Disney parade.

Hal F.

Florida Aquarium

701 Channelside Drive
Tampa FL 33602

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