Finding the Wild Side of Orlando

Finding the Wild Side of Orlando

The dancing is great, plus lots of rides and mysterious entertainment. What a special treat is the Kilimanjaro Safaris tour through the african Zoo area. Much better than we expected, you get so close and the scene makes it so real. This is four dimensional and you do see it all, what a pleasure to take the cool journey.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park has five Unique lands in which to explore the world of animals. Plan for a full day of fun and shows.

When you walk into the african area of Animal Kingdom park, get a Fastpass for kilimanjaro Safari. The staging line gets crowded early, and is busy all day. On the ride, it gets really bumpy and they have turned the journey into a mini-rollercoaster ride. They try to scare you with twists, spins, and quick speed ups. Only Disney can pull off the ride.
Bert Q.

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Finding the Wild Side of Orlando

They have airboat rides in Orlando, which is really fun to do and a lot easier than going down to the Everglades. This is our fourth vacation to Orlando, so we are branching out and doing some of the other things in the area. Winter Park is a great daytrip too.

Jermaine P.

Where is a hotel near Animal Kingdom Park

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge here Two Nights in September and just loved it! For a super time, this is the spot to go. Has a bunch of animals there, it is extremely well kept. Fantastic! Hope the girls are doing well with the Stay on Seven Seas Lagoon zone.

Alice E.


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