Take Advantage of the Disney Pools

Take Advantage of the Disney Pools

If you haven't had a chance to stay here yet, the Disney lifeguards are really good. I love the benefits of staying close to the core Orlando attractions. On the far side of the photograph is the bathroom area, and this is called the Surf's Up pool. We picked here because of the excellent Disney Orlando Hotel review.

Kids will smile a lot when playing Around the Pool and Playground. Everything was nice and tidy, clean, and service was solid. This Lake Buena Vista Hotel is right on Disney Property and was So much Fun! A resort winner for sure. Only once did we go out to Nagoya Sushi for dining.

Cool and nice after all the walking is wading out to a comfortable depth. I saw the wonderful photo of the All-Star Sports Swimming Pool and it brought back some great memories of last month. This particular photograph must've been taken early in the morning, because usually the Swimming Pool is flat out packed. When I say a packed swimming pool, I mean may be at least fifty people, spread out all over.

The Disney swimming pool rules are pretty strict, you need to not toss any objects close to other people. You can have water toss games in the swimming pool, as long as you're doing it in an area where it's not disturbing other guests. With a Giant Swimming Pool like this that means you still have lots of room to have fun.
Cassandra P.

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Big Pool

We've been blessed to go to pretty much all of the Disney pools and swimming them. It really is the best part of the hotel, and of course because you're in Florida. Only in January and February is a little uncomfortable for the swimming. Even though the pool system is heated nicely, if it's forty-five degrees outside it's just not the same as in the summer.

We got a chance to go over to Cocoa Beach on one of the days and really liked it. You can stop at the Kentucky fried chicken or Del Taco and get some food to go to save some money if you travel. I noticed a lot of people use the cars that they arrived in rather than jumping on the bus. I guess everything's a preference.

To me you want to take advantage of all of the amenities that are offered including getting around. Some of The Hotels are on the Monorail system but of course you will pay more for that opportunity. Understanding your budget is the key to everything in this town. There are cheaper places to stay but I would say this is more bang for your dollar.

Staying here is actually cheaper than the Marriott. We thought about the Animation Courtyard but really that seems to be more geared towards just small kids. Adults will like this town for the opportunities to do a little bit of everything including stopping at the Z Gallerie and maybe get out to eat at the Texas De Brazil cafe.

Most people should have a game plan of all the different things they want to do before they hit the ground. You don't want to waste time in the Hotel Room trying to figure out what you're gonna do. I would have a day one game plan, date to game plan, and of course the same goes for the rest of your stay.

Selina A.

All-Star Sports

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