Staying Cool

Staying Cool

This is a really nice hotel and one just perfect for a romantic getaway. It's a family place, but because it's so beautiful, it just has that romantic vibe. I've noticed over the years how much it continues to be upgraded and improved. I would just try to get one of the upper floors. When you're up high you get to see a lot more over the big lake. It's important before you check in to make sure you understand exactly where your room is located. If you have any problems with it, there's nothing wrong with asking about the location and the possibility of moving. When you Check-In and they will give you a map of the hotel property. This map is the one that they use to guide you towards your elevator and the correct building for your room. It is at that time you can say, how about this building over here instead. They are really good about being in helpful and if it's possible it will be done. The staff here is excellent. Everybody likes a Monorail vacation!
Damon D.

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What a good time it was at the Grand Floridian for the weekend. I think Two Nights is just enough to have plenty of good endeavors out and about the area and nothing gets old it all. It is great if you can somehow try different resorts and again don't do it for extended periods, just for a couple nights and there's plenty of pleasures plus it keeps the cost down.

One time we stayed for seven whole days in the Key West Resort which was super special. I started thinking about it, why not divide those days up a little bit so we could spread the fun out over a few different weekends and set it just doing it all in one week. We especially love this hotel property. Everything is so beautifully maintained and the staff is excellent at helping you out if you get questions about activities.

The rooms have everything, of course nobody use the phones anymore unless to call the Front Desk. The wi-fi is what you need and it works great to bring all of your devices. I would lock my expensive equipment in the trunk of my car to be extra safe. I like the security and just how beautiful everything is. What a town with lots to do and great Places to Eat. There's some Good Food like cafe in the local area that you need to try when you're out and about.

Dallas F.

Grand Floridian

4401 Floridian Way
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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