Swings make a huge Backyard Improvement

Swings make a huge Backyard Improvement

You can make your backyard into a special kind of place, which can remind you of your trip to Key West. You can relax with a tropical cocktail and dream about the Florida Keys! What is nice is they are available online and come with everything you need to easily have it up in ten minutes.

Time to upgrade my backyard vibe. I do not think the outdoor rocking chairs are worth saving. A hammock would be so much better. The problem is they are made with steel and are extremely rusty. Because the chairs have an intricate design, it would be a chore just to get the flaky rust off before priming. A big job.

Repainting old chairs is not the way, it just does not seem like worth the huge hassle since a replacement would be so much better. I am looking at the hammocks, which bring so much class. For cheap, the outdoor plastic furniture is the way to go, with a new outdoor cover. The Adirondack color chairs are only twenty dollars on sale and would last a long time and never rust.
Horace F.

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Buying a Swing

Sitting in a chair like this outside at night is super. I sure hope kitty-pooh-juniors gets out tonight. The full moon is just fantastic to see. This is a good night to be a cat outside! Get anything new for outside but metal.

Randy B.

Hammocks on Duval

717 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
More: http://www.kwhammocks.com

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