Boat Taxis

Boat Taxis

Here we are going out on a Swan Boat Taxi, and that is part of what makes staying here so cool. You end up doing things for entertainment that you would have never thought about during your planning. The Resort is loaded with activities available to Keep the Smiles On away from the theme parks. See the amenity list on your first day and study it

It is so beautiful here, the perfect place for renting swan-shaped Paddle Boats! Very impressive is the whole place, and of course all of the Swimming Pools on Disney Property are fantastic. The one thing you're going to do each day when you come back to the hotel is go to the Swimming Pool Complex and Take a Dip. Ladies bring that bikini as that is the hotel life in Florida even at the Cheap Hotels here at Disney.

I better warn you that the Big Pool is a lot colder than the other two pools, as they have three overall. There's something about the big pool that they just don't heated up to the degree necessary. If you just play tennis or been jogging around, then Diving into the Pool is no problem. At night you want the pool to be heated to eighty-three degrees and the big pool here is a little bit less than that for sure. All in all I would give this a top rating. The kids loved it and the Theme Park Face Painting Children place.
Alyssa B.

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Touring the Lake

There is plenty of room on the paddle boat for a little cooler filled with ice cold beer! What fun we had, every day was a party here at The Resort. The two Swimming Pools that are in the middle of the property between the Dolphin and the Swan are just the perfect thing to have on a summer vacation in Florida. This place Is Fantastic!

Amy E.

More Hotel Activities

Our family never imagined that I hotel could be so cool. We had a lot of fun with the activities and did rent the Swan paddle boat. That is a nice family adventure, the wholesome kind of thing that you should do it during your stay.

Hosea B.

Boat Dock

We are going to have a fourth of July feast at the Swan Resort. I am making homemade coleslaw and homemade macaroni salad. Please get the following items for the feast, starting with meat for burgers, buns, pickles, tomatoes, onions, american cheese and mustard. Good is corn for corn on the cob.

Saving money on the restaurants is smart. I love rye bread, so please get some rye bread for Sandwiches. I have turkey and salami for sandwiches that I am bringing down. Chips are nice on the Boat Rides to go with the sandwiches. Yeah for morning dunkin donuts by the dozen, happy fourth of July!

Therese K.

Big Hotel

Let's watch the Orlando weather, and I will come up for the disney pleasures. We are in for some good weather coming up soon and that means swimming at the Swan Resort. A business meeting at Disney is so neat to do. Twenty four hours from now you will be all happy after meeting your new co-workers.

This town is fun for the vacation or to move and get a job. You can stock pile money with this Mickey Mouse area job. Five years from now or sooner, you can be debt free and in an Awesome position. Yeah for you and back to the work force Florida Travel Commander! At the job, be the nicest person in the building! Everyone loves the nicest person that is always working at the tasks.

Antone O.

Swan Resort

1500 Epcot Resort Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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