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Such an impressive display of musical talent and high flying artistry, the Lion King has delivered a high quality show. The Live Events at Disney continue to shine on the hot to see list, as they are fun for All Ages. The Music is the best part, and children get asked to be directly on Stage as part of the show. Sit up front and be ready to raise your hand to get on the stage.
Brian Q.

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Sing along with the life-sized Disney Critters

Just how cool is the Festival of the Lion King show, a class act for live performances. It is a good one for mid-day, since you are in the Air Conditioning and it is plenty nice. Kids are encouraged to be part of the action, so wear your disney clothing to get picked. Say hi to the big warthog!

Nichole D.

Harambe Theater

It is nice that Universal Studios has all those Live Events too, so Disney has to keep up with good shows. No fooling around, they want eyeballs and the money that flows with the ticket sales. Both Theme Parks are fantastic. We are so lucky to be able to see Live Music and shows seven days a week.

Mack M.


I love the Lion King Musical at Animal Kingdom them park. He must have gotten the message because he is misbehaving just like my cat. Skinny cat made an appearance early this morning too, ugh! What a great musical show they put on.

We had a blast and found a nice Beer Bar to enjoy. Please take a picture of the little bunny at Epcot Easter! I am going to send an email to the first condo on the list. I like that one best.

It has a Hot Tub which will help to soothe my muscles after my all-day workouts.

Darius O.

Lion King

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