Super Fast Darkness Ride

Super Fast Darkness Ride

There are no better parks or entertainment for kids under fourteen, plus it is nice for the parents. We just love Space Mountain, where you ride in the dark. Not everyone will want to go on it, as the darkness thing is kind of scary. Try your best to make it and go on the cool ride.

It was a true pleasure to enjoy a few days exploring all of the magic at the theme parks. It all starts on the Magic Kingdom ferryboat, which is way too cool to get over and it takes you to the entrance area.

Even the tram out of the parking lot is a lot of fun. We like every aspect of the day, especially the people watching in between the rides. Going on the rollercoaster rides is probably the funnest thing, if you can stomach up the strength to agree to go on them.
Darnell V.

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Rollercoaster in the Dark

The rollercoaster in the dark is something special and it was my favorite ride of the day. Right next to it is Astro Orbiter, which is a super spinner and the kind of thing that is fun for All Ages. With little kids, I would recommend Magic Carpets of Aladdin or the Buzz Lightyear Ride.

We took the Monorail to the Polynesian Resort for lunch. What a good idea. Try the sambal, which is a relish-like mixture of pineapple chunks and red chiles with a sweet and spicy flavor. The chicken portion is pretty large and seasoned with black pepper, but the real flavor comes from the pineapple sambal! I love Eating at Disney. As with most Spicy Food at Disney World, it's pretty mild and safe for the spice-averse in your family! Good are the seared chicken breasts.

Dale F.

Space Mountain

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