Putt-Putt Mini Golf

Goofy Golf offers an eclectic playing experience for all ages and skill levels. On the round you traverse the obstacle-laden greens and attempt to obtain Golfing glory, the hole in one! It is a hoot and the mini-links stay open all day for action seven days a week. A great alternative to the more expensive rollercoaster parks.

everybody loves this sport and the course only spices things up. We decided to go on a Disney Golf Vacation and that putt-putt golf was the way to have the Most Fun of all. You can play like a Professional here and you will probably get at least one Hole-In-One!

While this is not a PGA sanctioned event course, the difficulty of the holes runs the spectrum from novice to extremely tough. The best idea for Orlando alcohol free fun for families.
Marcy T.

reader feedback

Very nice for Youthful Children

Everyone loves playing Miniature Golf here (the place is huge) on these special fantasy courses. Very cool to do at night time, as under the lights makes everything seem even better. Kids like this a lot once they are four or five and well coordinated.

Erick I.

Miniature Golf

You certainly do not need any alcohol here to have a blast. Typically, there is no line at all and you can start right away with no waiting. For all Ages, we went to shrink our game down to size. Miniature versions often present significant advantages, like more fun! It is a mini-golf playland packed with challenging holes.

Herschel J.

Winter Summerland

1548 West Buena Vista Drive
Bay Lake FL 32830

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