Staying in Altamonte Springs

Staying in Altamonte Springs

Yeah is to the Marriott Residence Inn in Altamonte Springs! Since we are staying at the Residence Inn on a Wednesday December twenty four, so we get to unwind at their social event with snacks and complimentary drinks. And it looks like they have a Basketball court too. Do you have a Basketball you can bring? The very good cafe is across the street. Ok Florida Travel Commander, that sounds great.

I am looking forward to visiting Winter Park too. Coffee is ready twenty four hours at the hotel. It is going to be seventy four on Saturday, and seventy nine on Sunday. Most of the time it will be cooler this time of year, at night about forty nine and fifty eight in December. That looks like a nice area at the Marriott Hotel. We will be there Christmas eve and Christmas Day so some places will be closed. We can make a Christmas dinner just like thanksgiving. That way, we can eat dinner at the place. Please make sure to get the One Bedroom so there will be enough room for us and so we can cook in the kitchen. I have not asked to have off from work yet. I will do that tomorrow.

One of the best things about this particular hotel is it's just a two-story complex and everything is spaced out nicely. You don't feel like you're in a Big Hotel chain like the Fairfield Inn or any of the other Marriott type units. The area is prime time for Bicycle Riding. There are soft and gentle hills all around the neighborhoods, filled with parks and sightseeing spots. What fun is bike riding in central Florida, so you get a little bit of a work out but not too much.

For the most part it's pretty darn flat until you go down near one of the lakes and that will be a big downhill part for a while and then you will have an uphill area. I would say if you gonna stay in Altamonte Springs for a vacation of any sort you want to bring your bicycles, trust me.
Micah C.

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