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It was so nice to join in for a fabulous night at the resort. Nothing beats a room along the flowing boat parade of the Port of Key West. The restaurants at the hotel have sumptuous food and tropical beverages, it is a treat to eat. I love coming to the hotel bar, always an evening to remember. The hotel has a lot of events, it is the perfect venue for A good Time.
Johnnie D.

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Super Hotel

We like the Westin sizable time and like the mile marker 80 area. The stunning Cheeca Lodge was the primary setting for an episode of platinum weddings. The Moorings Village, a luxury resort in Islamorada, is favored by fashion photographers including two of the stars of bloodline, ben mendelsohn and kyle chandler, shoot a scene in the keys and had lunch at in Miami on the way to the airport. Despite the advent of arnold and company, the Seven Mile Bridge remains in excellent shape. The keys are ideal for shooting scenes backdropped by Underwater or above-water wonders.

Elvira A.

Westin Resort

245 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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