Parents with Kids

Parents with Kids

A very fun place to take on the big rides is the Busch Gardens Water park. The new rides are faster than ever and just right for a family day of Water play. This is one of the popular spots that our children really love to do and it is very active. A fitness option, as you walk and climb all day too.

Acting like a kid is good for everybody so come out and enjoy the slides. Perfect for very active adults and families with children. Not as big as the Disney Water parks but our very good time. You are going to like the experience on the slides. I was very impressed with the Tampa Water park.
Leona D.

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Wet Splash

Water parks are prime time in Florida, as they stay open longer. It's pretty cool to do this kind of fun stuff for your wet all day. The main thing is because they can have the Water parks open for eight or nine months out of the year, it earns money and therefore they can spend money on keeping it perfect.

We went to the Ocala waterpark, I forget the name of it, but it was nowhere near the stuff that they have down here in Tampa and Orlando. You can let me know. I was going to drive home after the Sunday visit to the Tampa house. I can do one night at your house if your busy with work, we just have to do a full day of wet rides.

Geri S.

Adventure Island

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