State Park Beach

State Park Beach

Tell everyone about the really nice beach inside the Key Largo state park. Pennekamp is a big deal down here as they have lots of watersports activities to do for all ages. This large-size state park is home to several Shoreline nature trails, a stunning coral reef for boat going snorkelers, picnic tables, Kayak Rentals and a beachfront counter service cafe. Go here for the water pleasures and scuba diving, as fishing is not permitted in this protected reef park. I would say the best parts are the swimming, Shoreline walks, and the mangrove kayak trails. Plan on a good four hours to make a super time of it.
Mara W.

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Great Beaches

My favorite beach in the Florida Keys is here and it is lovely. There are plenty of great beaches to choose from and I like the Marathon beach, plus Fort Taylor Beach Park is a winner. Anything around the waterfront is good for me and that means activities at the Key Largo docs. We do a lot of sightseeing but remember, there are insects that are bigger than mosquitoes. You definitely want to have some spray and every now and then you could get nailed by one of those bigger than the normal be like a wasp.

The baking soda technique for right after a insect sting is a winner. It dilutes the venom so things do not react or get near as sore. That is what I have learned from you and via web med and the rest. My insect sting is still at two inch red mess, but it has gone done at a snails pace. It hurts less, and is smaller so I think it is safe to not get the medical industry involved! It would seem to me that a cat getting this would be hurting big time. I bet the cat vet deals with issues like this a lot.

Avis O.

Pennekamp Park

102601 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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